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With Tagamet HB 200® it's possible to control your heartburn.
And enjoy the special moments that happen every day.

Many heartburn sufferers feel like heartburn controls their life. Not true with Tagamet HB 200®. Tagamet® lets you enjoy life and eat what you want. Take a few minutes and see how Tagamet® can help you enjoy every day by preventing and relieving heartburn symptoms and acid indigestion or sour stomach. And unlike Pepcid Complete*, you can take Tagamet HB 200® at mealtime to prevent heartburn. Learn more about Tagamet® and how it can provide heartburn relief from acid indigestion and sour stomach.

*Pepcid Complete is a registered trademark of Johnson & Johnson or its affiliates.

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Come inside. You'll find helpful hints, tips, questions and answers all designed to help you enjoy life without the annoyance of heartburn. This is the place to go if you're looking for heartburn relief or relief from acid indigestion or sour stomach.

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